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TRUST CUSTOMIZEMYTEES TO BE YOUR LEADING CUSTOM APPAREL ONLINE STORE has the fastest online tee service in the industry. We can print literally any design on tees, tanks, hoodies, sweats, for all sizes! should be your go-to online custom apparel provider. Not only do we offer, free art, free proofs (as many as you want), free upgrades, we also offer a 10% best price guarantee! Send us any quote from any competitor and will beat it by 10% - GUARANTEED!

100% Cotton (classic)

100% cotton is the classic all-American fabric choice for clothes, renowned for its breathability, strength and versatility and almost every single brand of clothing offers options for 100% cotton cuts. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, so it is an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. This is the most cost effective material choice that we offer, and is the best material to print on since it holds designs well and the ink will not bleed. When it comes to cotton shirts, we recommend going with the Gildan 100% Cotton shirts, but we also offer cotton shirts from brands such as American Apparel, Next Level, Bella + Canvas, and many others! You can request to see your design on a cotton shirt, tank, sweatshirt, long sleeve, or a completely different style! Let us know what you want and we will print it!

50/50 Blend (Superior)

When we say 50/50 blend, we are referring to a blend that is half cotton and half polyester. Polyester/cotton blends are even more versatile than 100% cotton as it combines the best qualities of polyester and cotton fabrics. This type of material is great for custom printing because the design will not fade as quickly since the synthetic fibers of polyester hold color better over time. 50/50 blends are also less prone to wrinkling, and are more durable. All in all, 50/50 blends will likely last you longer than 100% cotton shirts. We suggest this material blend for sports teams or other athletic activities since polyester has wicking properties which helps pull moisture away from skin, helping the wearer dry faster. Finally, cotton/polyester blends are less likely to shrink. You can request your design to be on any brand that offers 50/50 blends, including but not limited to Gildan, American Apparel, Next Level, and Bella + Canvas. Get your free proof today!

Tri-blend (Premium)

Tri-blend is usually made of 50% polyester, 25% cotton and 25% Rayon. The combination of material make these shirts the softest, though they do tend to run a bit smaller than the other fabric blends. This blend is extremely stretchy and are especially popular for women’s style tops. The material tends to have a dappled look, while “regular” shirts are just a solid color. We think that designs on this type of material look really nice, especially in combination with the speckled appearance of the fabric. Just like the 50/50 blend, these shirts do not shrink, are quite durable and lightweight. Brands that specialize in tri-blend material shirts are American Apparel USA, Bella + Canvas and Next Level. You can get your design on a triblend shirt today. Submit the form to get started!

Welcome to Customize My Tees!

Custom t-shirts are a very common personalized gift and there are hundreds of local print shops and giant design companies that all offer the same service: printing customized designs. Here at, we have worked with thousands of customers over the last couple decades, printing their designs on shirts, tanks, hoodies, sweats, long sleeves and jumpers of all colors and sizes.

But what makes our company different? Why should you choose to work with us?

The reason you should work with is because we take all the great things about a local print shop and make it accessible to you online. Like a local print shop, we can get you t-shirts to you within 24 hours. Like a local print shop, we are family owned and operated. Like a local print shop, we quality check every single piece that we print to make sure you are getting exactly what you paid for. And, like a local print shop, we care about our customers. You can call us at 704-848-5155, live chat with a sales agent through our website, or email with the owner directly.

T-shirts are complicated to customize because there are so many elements that have to go perfectly in order to print the best design. First, the type of material that you choose for your design impacts not only what the final printed design will look like, but also the fit and feel of the shirt when worn.

Secondly the type of print depends on the the design. For simple text designs with block letters and thick lines the best type of printing is screen print. This print style involves burning the design onto a screen and pulling the ink over the screen so that it fills in the spaces where the design has been burned out. For this reason, if you are doing a design with a lot of fine details, or a design with a lot of colors, it is best to go with heat sublimation. Otherwise, the ink may fill in the small details.

Thirdly, the placement of the design has to be exact on all of the printed pieces ordered. When our customers request an order of multiple pieces, they expect that all the pieces will look the same. To ensure this, we have to be very careful when we set up our machinery so that it will all match up every single time.

The final thing that needs to go perfectly is the sizing. Since we work with well known brands, we don’t have our own sizing charts, we depend on the companies that create the shirts to create accurate guides for their products. Usually our customers know what size they wear, and we don’t often have issues regarding sizes, but if you are worried, just let us know and we can work out a solution for you.

You are probably wondering what happens when you submit the free proof form?

Our art team works from dawn to dusk working on designs to send to our customers. When we receive the design indications through the free proof form, we look at the description as well as any images sent along with the free proof form to put together a design using elements described by you, the customer, that includes any images that you want.

Once the design is completed, our highly trained sales team will put together an email and attach your digital art proof for you to approve. If you have already told us the quantity for each size, the exact brand and fabric that you want, and date that you need your custom tees delivered, we can put together a quote for you, and send you a link to pay online.

If you are still considering the number of coolers, or don’t have a deadline in mind, no worries! Our standard print and ship takes 11 business days to arrive, and we have no minimum order size so you can order any exact quantity that you like.

Are you in a rush to receive your custom tees?

If the standard print and ship timeline of 11 business days doesn’t work for you, and you need your custom tee order expedited, don’t worry! For certain brands, materials and sizes, we can absolutely get them printed and shipped for next day delivery. In fact, we have even sent out a rush delivery in an Uber when the customer needed same day delivery. As a 100% USA custom print company, we have the ability to guarantee deadlines that larger companies can’t. We have all been in a situation where we order a product from a company, thinking that it will be delivered on a certain date, and then for some unknown reason the company moves back the delivery date. This is extremely frustrating, especially when the company changes the delivery date and there is no time to find another company.

We are the company that can save your party. Since we print, stitch and ship everything in from our factory in the USA, we can get you your custom apparel, fast. We oversee everything, from receiving your art to sending your custom shirts, so when you call us and tell us that you need your shirts tomorrow, we can easily run your completed and approved design down to our factory, print your design, and ship it to you, without having to go through a middleman or to China.